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Windows Small Business Server 2011 Setup

In this article we will see installation of Windows Small Business Server 2011 step by step. First of all  Windows Small Business Server 2011 standard version and Windows Small Business server 2011 Essentials versions to determine the minimum requirements needed to run the system requirement are as follow. Windows Small Business Server 2011 are supports up to 75 users.

Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard requirements.
Minimum Requirement

Quad Core 2 GHz 64-bit (x64) or faster
1 socket (4 sockets maximum)

Physical Memory (RAM)
8 GB
10 GB Recommended (32 GB maximum)

Storage Capacity

120 GB

Network Adapter
One 10/100 Ethernet Adapter

Network Devices
A router or firewall device that support to the Internet

Fax Modem
Fax services require a fax modem

Now we will see the installing steps
First of all insert SBS 2011 CD and boot SBS 2011 to see welcome screen.

Here after language and keyboard settings, the next button and moving forward.Click the Install now, we continue with the installation.
I accept the license agreement option and accept the license terms, after push a next button and moving forward.
Select Custom (advanced) option to configure the disc partition and continue.
I’m configuring SBS 2011 on VMware ESXI host. So later on I added extra disk after installing completed. 
Note that the backup role needs to have a different partition or discs. 
We will see that the setup files are copied
In this step we are choose the install type. In this article we will select clean installation and continue. But IN place Migration scenarios we will select server migration choice.
Configure the UTC time and location settings click the “open date and time to verify the clock and time zone setting.
In this screen if click “change date and time “we can edit date and clock setting and in “change time zone”   selection we can configure UTC location settings.
The next step is network configuration. In this case we will check “Automatically detect the network configuration” and after we will configure IP address but this case not offer. I chose manually and enter my subnet. Continue next step. 
In this step I chose recommended case “Go online and get the most recent installation updates” Because I would like to my Windows Server continuously to keep up to date and continue next step.
Before I specified the subnet information. In this case Server join the network and continues the installation process.
In this step enter company information and after continue next step.
In this step enter Server name and Domain name (Don’t enter .local information, Setup will automatically added) information. This case is very important before continuing the name considered and entered. Because, system has use previously entered Domain name information and automatically setup Active Directory, create DNS zone and setup Exchange server. Before plan this information and enter.
In this step define Windows Small Business Server Admin user. We will see this  user after this step add network admin group. Click next and continue.
 We have seen this screen Server Name, User Name and company name information. Check this information and continue next step.

The installation process has already begun. This process continues depending on your resources 15-45min (Ram, CPU HDD etc.)
The system will restart after the installation process. We are logged in user with admin role previously described.

Installation was completed as shown. For the other roles and properties of Windows Small Business Server will describe the next article.

 I hope that was a useful article. Hope to see you in another article.

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