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Small Business Server 2011 Report Service

In our previous article we saw the user and group settings. In this article we will examine the small Business Server 2011 reporting service. This future is also present at SBS 2008, SBS 2011 see also been continued. Smooth functioning of the system is very important for system administrators. However, the workload is increasing as the number of server. In this case, if you have SBS 2011 with our infrastructure, use the reporting service and by scheduling these reports as well as send e-mail. In this way, receive reports at certain times. 

Now let’s see how it works this service. First let’s open SBS 2011 console. Then click on the Report section. Manage reports in the opened window.

Click “Add a new report” and start create new report.

First, the General tab, we write the name of the report is going to create.
Second, the Content tab, select the content of the report. To explain briefly summarize them.

Summary:  This summarizes an overview of the system.
Security: Provides information about anti-spam, malware and windows firewall for the Server and Users.
Updates:  Gives information about Windows updates.
Backup:  Gives information about the backups.
Other Alerts: Summarize the information about the system with third-party software and services.
E-mail Usage: E-mail usage information (E-mail traffic) summarizes.
Server Event Logs:  Gives information about the system logs.
We can add the content of our report click on choices have seen above.
In E-mail tab, choose the authorized person who will read the report and can be sent as e-mail. Here we should pay attention needs to be made of exchange settings. (Send and Receive connectors.)
Schedule section, we can get the report specified time interval. You can if requested may be taken only once.
We can see the SBS 2011 console reports that are generated. We can view or edit this report. If previously scheduled, when the time arrives report will be created. Currently in order to test, the right clicks on the report and click on Generate report.
We see our report formed a seamless.
I hope that was a useful article. Hope to see you in another article.

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