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Small Business Server 2011 Users and Groups

In our previous article we saw the installation of SBS 2011 than in this article will explore user and group settings. SBS 2011 console user and group operations are realizing the users and group tab. Network created during the installation of SBS 2011 in a previous article we mentioned that a user with administrator role.
To create a standard user account, when the user clicks a “add a new user account” we will see the next picture to meet us.
In this window is used to enterprise level serves, such as creating new users in Active Directory Users and Computer side. Here you enter the information, determine its role. If the users have an admin role choose network administrator, if standard user you’re choose standard user and continue.  
Add after entering the user account created, enter password information and click “add user account” to complete request.
As a result of this request is generated on the user DB.
In this step a computer generated can be assigned to the user. After click finish button user was created on SBS 2011. Created user can be seen on the SBS 2011 console.
Now let’s look at the characteristics of the user created.
In General section we can turn off user account when click “Disable account” or click “Reset Password” like we did in the Active Directory.

In E-mail tab we can change user mailbox quota. For each user by default is 2 GB. You can change according to demand. In SBS 2011 comes with the installation of Exchange 2010 but you must check the send connector and receive connector.
In computer tab, the computer seems to be assigned to the user. 
In folders tab, the user can use to sharing quota. Installation comes with 2 GB. Optionally we can increase quota.
In Groups tab, we can see which groups the user is a member.
In web sites tab, is decided to use the user’s web-side services.
Eg: Using or not using OWA.
If we examine the group side,

We can see groups, tab under the SBS 2011. To create a new group, click “Add a new Group” and continue.
In this screen gives us information about the group click next to continue.
Select the group name and type. Select distribution group, because this group is a mail group.
Select members to the group and click “Add group” to continue.

Click finish to create the group.

Our group is formed by e-mail distribution. Now click again to “Add a new group” and create a security group. As you know, security groups are used in management of access to resources.  
Give the name and choose security group. Then click next to continue.
Again, this will be a member of the group member users are taking sides.
Then click the “Add group” button and passing to the next step.
Click finish to create the group.

Again, we can see the SBS 2011 created through the console security group.
I hope that was a useful article. Hope to see you in another article.

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